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Green Grass & High Times - New Southern Fiction

Born in Alabama during the tumultuous Civil Rights era, four brothers navigate their way to Naples, Florida where they come-of-age. Landon, Hollis, Boyd and Attie are known to all to be competitive and aggressive with each another, but they will always have their brothers’ backs in times of trouble. From the home of “Bear” Bryant and cotton fields of Tuscaloosa to the sandy shores of Naples when it was still a sleepy town and outpost for drug runners, Green Grass and High Tides will take you on a journey. With its local color and nostalgic views that touch on the innocence of youth, the temptations of adolescence and the trials of maturity, this is a novel of Southern fiction at its best. You will be intrigued with a touch of mystery, dark humor and historical drama as each page opens to a new escapade in lives of these four boys/men, and how the women in their lives continually mold, manipulate, and master them.

Available on Amazon.com, and at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Target, Walmart and other vendors in January, 2021.

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