It's Fall Y'All

Hello Everyone,

It’s nearly autumn/fall, and it’s one of my favorite times of the year. I will always remember the joy in my daughters’ eyes when we would set out all our decorations. The Indian corn on the front door, the pumpkins and mums around the front porch, and making pumpkin bread and muffins. While I have many wonderful memories of those times, I also had many years of sadness when my daughters were gone from my life.

Parental alienation has taken those memories from many of us, and it is not right or fair. If a parent has never engaged in any unlawful behaviors, or if they have never harmed their children then why are they shut from their children’s lives? Unfortunately, it is a fact of life in many countries in our world, and protective parents are cast as the villains when they shout their voices too loudly to protect their children against the abusive/alienating parent. Again, why? It is because the majority of courts listen to the highly paid experts, and when those experts are paid by the alienating parent then the protective parent, and children, lose.

I am very pro-parent for both mother or father in their children’s lives, but not for abuse or alienation. As I have said countless times before, children are not pawns in a board game, and please remember and allow the other parent to have a role in their child’s life. Your child is a part of each of you, and I beg you never make them take a side against a parent.

A petition to submit to my state senator (Rep. Tim Scott) regarding issues in the family court is currently being drafted. It will address solutions to resolving corruption in the courts, and will address the following issues:

- Right to videographer along with a court stenographer to video tape proceedings;

- If a parent (either mother or father) has been pending child abuse charges, and/or has been convicted of child abuse, it should be considered a detriment to the child and custody;

- In such cases of pending child abuse charges and/or a conviction, only supervised visitation should be permitted;

- Court-appointed experts and judges must take into consideration past abuse convictions, pending abuse charges and/or convictions, and this must factor into their reports for the safety of the children

- Parental Alienation Syndrome is real and it harms children. Request that an informational program is required of all court- appointed experts to recognize the signs.

Take care and blessings,