Fourth of July, 2020

On this July 4th, I want to thank my high school History/Civics /Speech teacher - Miss Mullins at Lake Christian for her dedication and inspiring a love for America. Beginning with the Bicentennial in 1976, we had a school program, and for every year thereafter we would have a patriotic program. I doubt many other schools in America did this, but it was wonderful.

At the time, I knew many of the students didn't enjoy the countless hours of practice; still, we learned not only the words to every single Patriotic song that defined us as Americans, but also the documents that framed the foundation of our Country. Those hours were not in vain, Miss Mullins, as I continue to remember every single song, and I get goosebumps whenever I hear those words that shaped our history. Thank you so much for helping instill a love of America, but also for helping all of us students learn that a country built upon the principles of Christian values is a nation that will never waver in times of turmoil.

It was only in the last few months that I have established a Facebook account, but in that time I have reconnected with so many old schoolmates from Lake Christian. What I have discovered is that many of us are very dedicated to our Country, and we are very patriotic, but I have no doubt this is truly a reflection of your dedication and love of America.

In the last two days, I have watched our President at Mt. Rushmore and then today at the White House for the July 4th celebration, and as I hear his words and hear the music, I was reminded of what you taught us as students. In 2020, America is torn. I don't want to get political with this post, but as you so eloquently taught us, America was built by people from a variety of backgrounds. Because of the diversity, America has become one of the greatest nations in our world's history, but we can never allow divisions to be our downfall. I pray every day for our President to make wise and peaceful decisions, but also that the diverse groups can find healing and cohesion. We are the United States of America, and again, thank you for giving us the foundation to realize we are far more united than divided.

May God Bless you,